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Green Screen Movie Fx now on iPhone App Store!

June 28, 2011 - Leave a Response

Green Screen Movie FX

Now you have the power of a Hollywood special effects studio in your pocket (well, almost!).

Green Screen lets you create special movie effects and instantly share and show off your video creations on Facebook, Dropbox, email and others.

The app gives you the ability to use an effect known as Chroma Key or Green Screen in a simple, fun and quick way.

Simply choose a color in the viewfinder by tapping the screen and instantly replace it with a video of your choice.

Imagine replacing the sky with a scene from space showing a planet spinning or changing the view out of your window into Niagara Falls.

As well as built in videos, you can also import videos of your own. Amaze your friends by appearing in a starring role alongside your favorite movie or pop star. Or show them your holiday to the seven wonders of the world without actually having been there.

The app comes with the following videos built in:

o Group of hot air balloons in flight
o Spectacular water fountain display from Las Vegas
o Tranquil beach with palm tree rustling in the breeze
o Flying through clouds especially for super hero movies!
o View of the earth rotating through space
o Slow motion fire explosion
o Amazing firework show
o Cloudy mountain – amaze your friends with your climbing prowess
o Niagara Falls
o Paris with the Eiffel tower in the background
o A plane taking off from an airport
o Forest Mountain scene
o South Beach Los Angeles with life guard hut

It doesn’t end there – you can import your own movies from the iPhone photo gallery or drop any movie files with iTunes and use them as background in your masterpiece.

App Features:

o 13 in-built effects videos
o Import movie clips from iTunes or use captured videos from iPhone gallery
o Change the amount of background color replaced live with tolerance slider
o Fine turn the chroma key’s red, green, blue values
o Record videos and share them straight to Facebook, Dropbox, email, iPhone gallery
o Highly customizable options including capture resolution, chroma match quality, camera focus mode

Enjoy and amaze your friend and family.

If you need any help or have any comments or request for new ideas for the app post here or mail:

LightSabre 5th Edition V1.0

September 9, 2010 - 14 Responses

Finally out of beta v1.0 is out:

  • Certificates fixed
  • Can install to ANY drive that right any drive technology choose C , D , E up to you!
  • Small fix to animate sabre on first start

DownLoad V1 here

RunAroundSound Emergency Vehicles for iPhone/iTouch

September 8, 2010 - Leave a Response

RunAroundSound turns  your iPhone or iPod Touch into a fire engine or a high speed pursuit car, the ultimate toy for children (or an executive toy for grown-up boys and girls).

The app encourages children to use their imagination and run around with the iPhone to put out fires and respond to emergencies and is the perfect role playing toy as children pretend they are a fire fighter or a police officer.

App Features:

  • Hold your iPhone like a steering wheel and hear the brakes and tyres squeal as you turn sharply and stop and go.
  • Hear the engine roar when your run around.
  • Put out roaring fires by touching the fire on the screen to direct the high-pressure water.
  • Realistic sirens flashing and sounds.
  • On screen authentic looking buttons to control the vehicles.
  • Highly customizable settings let you customize sound volumes, engine stalling, distance to run to fire, speed you have to run to accelerate and more.
  • iOS4 tested and high resolution App icon.

Fire engine

  • Emergency phone call from fire controller with 9 response locations
  • Run with the phone to the fire (or shake it for the less energetic!) and hear encouragement from the fire controller.
  • Random distance to run to fire.
  • See the roaring fire when you arrive.
  • Put out the fire with water spray and direct by touch and button press.
  • Flashing siren and horn.
  • Shake up and down to sound horn.

Police Car

  • High speed engine, brakes and tyre squeal put you in hot pursuit as you move around.
  • 5 different siren sounds with on screen buttons to control.
  • Flashing siren.
  • Shake to play ‘pull over’ siren sound.

This application is intended to be the ultimate emergency vehicle toy for children and  grown-ups. Hope you enjoy it!.

more info:

RunAroundSound Site

Workaround for expired certifcate install

August 29, 2010 - Leave a Response

Thanks to jiu jitsu  for the suggestion to get round the expired certificate just temporally change the date of the phone to 20/08/2008 then install.

Will work on a new release with fixed certificate date.

Update: Tried to re-compile and install with latest SDK , but annoyingly the app is refusing to start something in the SDK must have changed. I’ll keep on working on a new release in the meanwhile try the above workaround.

London Underground Tube Widget (N97 Home Screen)

September 3, 2009 - 2 Responses

n97 homescreen

Avoid delays on the London Underground by quickly seeing the status of the tube lines, the home screen widget will update every 15 minutes automatically and at a glance you can see where the delays are.

Clicking on the widget gives a full screen view, displaying the TFL wap page.

Tube Widget

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LightSabre 5th edition V0.2

April 23, 2009 - 24 Responses

Very small update to stop automatic screen rotation

please read the v0.1 post if you have any problems


Light sabre (what is it)

March 15, 2009 - 9 Responses

Sorry various people are complaining they want to know what this app does.

Well it’s erm a light sabre toy app that when you move you’re phone it goes whummm whummm and when you swing harder it’ll make a hit a hitting noise.


Light Sabre 5th Edition (v0.1)

March 14, 2009 - 37 Responses

New release to support Nokia 5800 and 5th edition touch phones (upcoming N97 ect),

Reported working on:

  • N96
  • N85
  • n79,
  • 6210N

There are reports from symbian freak that sabre only works on v20 + firmware on the 5800 so an update may be needed.
Touch to turn on / off sabre

    1. IMPORTANT install to internal memory ( C:/) drive (known defect)

    2. For best results turn off auto screen rotation in phone settings (otherwise you’ll get lag in the sound when the screen changes)

    If you enjoy Light Saber and feel like it please donate :

    Download here:


    Comments and bug reports welcome please post.

    Light Sabre V1.62 Samsung i8510 (Innov8)

    November 15, 2008 - 17 Responses

    New port for Samsung i8510 (or for Samsung V3 phones with G Sensor API)

    Ensure you install on phone memory and NOT on the memory card

    Download here

    If you enjoy Light Saber and feel like it please donate 🙂