Light Sabre V1.4

Light Sabre V1.4

N95 series only (may work on N82 etc not tested)

Please ensure you have the N95 Acceleromter sis file installed

Also ensure you install on phone memory and NOT on the memory card

New Features:

  • More Swing FX
  • New Clash FX and Hit FX
  • Sharp movement or Flick produces hit /clash
  • Back light stays on
  • Flashing sabre now full screen
  • Sabre on / off graphics fx.

Download from:



15 Responses

  1. Thanx 4 this update…

    U have 2 change the about note…
    It states that it is the 1.03 version….

  2. This is AMAZING! Many thanks for your hard work.

  3. I must say that the 1.03 version works smoother and nicer

    The 1.04 looks and sounds greater but isn’t so smooth in sound and movement..


    When start up “the app……..the sound ‘use the force luke!

  4. Doesnt work for me
    Installed the Accelerometer fine.
    When I try and install lightsabe is says “installation of lightsabre V…. not supported”

  5. works fine now
    downloaded sisx file was 1K?
    Redownloaded and all ok 🙂

  6. Hm, I was able to install the 1.3, but this 1.4 just tries to connect to the net?

  7. I can’t install the file on my n95 8g. When downloading with the phone, the file will show up as a text file without the usual option to install the program, also there isno option to save the file to any location.

    I tried to download the file to my laptop, copied the content into a texteditor window and saved ist as a sisx file, then transferred it via bluetooth to the phone. The phone tried to install the file but stopped with an error message, stating the file was damaged.

    Any ideas?

  8. When I attempt to install i get a certificate error, contact site message and nothing happens.
    I have the accelerometer installed. Am i doing something wrong ?

  9. hi i have an n95 8gb and really want this app on my phone. However although i successfully downloaded it (btw not straight forward) when it trys to install it comes up with the following msg – certificate error contact the application supplier. Please help cos i really want this on my phone. Does it work on n95 8gb?

  10. Fantastic!

  11. thanks for the reply. This is the best download i have ever put on any phone. I now have a light sabre in my pocket everywhere i go!!

  12. Works fine on the N82

    Be sure to remember to load to PHONE memory

  13. Graham, you’ve REALLY, REALLY made my day by giving us these killer apps for N95. Funny, clever, absolutely superb. A must-have if I’ve ever seen one.

  14. Graham, Nice work, funny gadget !

    Is it also possible to create a version of LightSabre for the Nokia E90 Communicator ?
    Would be great !

  15. WoW sweet and fun app but dude i neeeeeeed this for my N5800 XM 😉

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