Ideas for V1.5 and beyond….

Some ideas for next versions I’m considering:

  • Remove long clash sample
  • Add vibration support ( low level constanst for hum and shock for hit)
  • Add new Dialog to allow setting sensitivity of swings and hits
  • Add new Dialog to allow fine tuning of volume
  • Add new Dialog to allow setting of lots of different sabre colours
  • Save settings ( sensitivity, volume, sabre colour)
  • Implement a software audio mixer to allow sabre hum to play at the same time as the swing.

Any others ? or just leave it and stop releasing stupid updates πŸ™‚


13 Responses

  1. Love the app. Perhaps include a little animation of the lightsabre starting and stopping. Or perhaps a little diagram showing in which direction the phoneis pointing – like the inclinometre app for the N5.

    Given the amount of people who ask me for it when I show it to them – how about a “Send to a friend” option. SMS the link or bluetooth the installation files.

    Keep up the good work!


  2. Your an addict Graham… ADDICT! πŸ˜‰ Sw audio mixer sounds good tho… and the long clash does slow things down again, but I only fight in the office… so its not too intense !*LOL*

  3. If you could disable the keylock while the app is running, that’d make it better when playing with the open/close thing. More gradual volume control would be my main wish and the things you mentioned sound great too.

    Keep going dude, it’s the coolest thing on my phone!

  4. I like the sounds of these update and personally think you should keep developing it as its a great little app….

  5. “If you could disable the keylock while the app is running, that’d make it better when playing with the open/close thing.”

    Hi Tim you can disable the keylock and keylock on slide closed yourself in Settings->General->Security->Phone and SIM Card

    then change:

    Keypad autolock period to something like 10 mins

    and set

    Lock keys if slide closed

    to No.

    For me to do this kind of stuff automagically in the application would probably require it to get platform capabilities and then it would have to be Symbian signed.


  6. Great App. Keep up the good work. It’s caused a lot of laughs at work πŸ˜‰

    Ideas for 1.5 not mentioned above:
    – add button for movie quote sounds “luke, I am your father”.

    – can have vaders breathing sound in the background together with the humming if the phone performance allows it. or yodas giggling when in “light side”-mode.

  7. When is the next version coming??

  8. Hi!
    I have 5500 and the app isn’t working…
    The new version can use the 5500??
    It will be good.
    Or what’s the problem??
    Why it can’t work?

    Thx: MaAtE

  9. C’mon you got the Ideas already.Put these in and we all are going to be Jedi’s.

    May the 4th , be with you πŸ˜‰

    (plz I’m waiting for 1.5)

  10. please have blue purple and yellow light sabres in v1.5 that’ll be wicked. Keep up this great work.

  11. Thank you! This is a great programme. I just loaded in version 1.5 and love the new blue sabre, vibration and volume settings. One request please though.. I’ve got the sensitivity settings on full (120) and have tried both auto and random; it doesn’t seem as sensitive as version 1.4 – you can’t really get the ‘wohom, wohom’ sound from just a slight movement, you have to really go for it now. Any chance of really upping the sensitivity for 1.6 please? Sorry for the slight moan – I really do love this and am very grateful for your time and effort put in to it.

  12. Hi Lip, 120 is the most in-sensitive you need the lowest setting 8 for slight movement and ‘whoom , whooom’

  13. oops! What a fool I am! Thanks for the tip and many thanks for the great programme.

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