FAQ: Problems

Q: Some people are having problems with installation and certificates. If you have a problem

A: Go to

Applications -> App mgr – > Options -> Settings -> Software Installation :

Select ‘All’

Q: Application Won’t start:

A: Check the following:

Q: V1.5 doesn’t have any sound

A: Make sure vibrate is enabled in your current profile or turn off vibration in the settings page in light sabre.

Q: V1.5 Light sabre isn’t sensitive enough

A: The labels in the sensitivity preference are confusing min is the most sensitive and max is the least. durrr.

Q: V1.5 My settings aren’t saved

A: After you have chosen your preferences , select light sabre from the menu the settings are now saved.


4 Responses

  1. After using a bluetooth audio headset, the sound of the lightsabre does not work anymore. I had to reinstall the software in order to make it work.

  2. hia.just tried v1.5 of the lightsaber.am having the same problem as others it seems:no sound.have made sure the profile has sound and vibration enabled and i tweaked all the settings in the lightsaber menu and still no luck.am trying it on a n95 with the lastest firmware.the versions before work absolutely fine.any suggestions?thanx

  3. Having exactly the same problem as adi.

    Just upgraded my N95 to v20 firmware.

    No sound. No vibration. Will try older versions and see whether I have any better luck.

    No other apps running at the same time (thanks to SymbianSigned going down, looks like along time before I’ll see RotateMe etc again…)

  4. Great application. I just tried version 1.5. Works perfectly fine on my Nokia n95-3. Got it to work on my first attempt. Really easy installation compared to other things I’ve tried to get to work (cough cough, moving ball, cough cough)

    Only suggestions are to add a save button. I know if you click lightsabre after changing your settings, it saves but it would be nice to have a save button for my friends that don’t know.

    Another suggestion would be for the defense sounds. I noticed keypad buttons don’t have a distinct sound for each key. Each keypad button plays a random defensive sound. It would be nice if you could make 1 distinct sound for each keypad.

    Those are my only suggestions. It’s a great application. One of my favorite.

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