Light Sabre V1.5


N95 series only (may work on N82 etc not tested)

Please ensure you have the N95 Acceleromter sis file installed
N95AccelerometerPlugin.sis (

Also ensure you install on phone memory and NOT on the memory card

Some people are having problems with installation and certificates. If you have a problem Go to

Applications -> App mgr – > Options -> Settings -> Software Installation :

Select ‘All’

New Features:

  • Vibration support with Sabre Tingle ™
  • Set up your sabre technology ™ including
    • Set Volume
    • Set Sensitiviy (from 8 (little movement) to 120 (fling across room for swing)
    • Set Vibration On / Off
    • Set Hit Detection ( Auto detects strong movement as hit , Random , causes random hit effect slightly more responsive)
    • Set Sabre Colour (Green, Red , Yellow, Blue, Magenta, Cyan, Orange);
  • Setting are now saved.


Download from:


58 Responses

  1. Hi there,

    On the N95 8GB no sound with the latest V15.0.5 firmware…..

  2. Even when you set the volume to max in settings?

  3. Yes, complety silent….
    I waiting so long 4 thsi…

    I am getting rid of the latest one and will start over from scrath
    Get back 2 U within 5 min.

  4. No sound on the N95 8Gb firmware: V. 15.0.015

    No souns also on the N95 firmware: V. 20.0.015

  5. Can u fix this Graham?

    Want 2 swing 2night…..


  6. Also confirmed on the N95 8Gb that the settings won’t save….
    Have 2 change the everytime back….
    MayB 2 the bug with the sound?

  7. Sabre color also doesnt’t work…..

    I think there is a conflict with one of my apps….
    Just read somewhere that somebody had no problems on the N95-1

  8. Just thought I let U know…
    I was in bed allready…

    It’s working now….
    It had a major confilct with Bitside panoman.
    That one also uses the accelerometre….

    After reinstalling our version over that one, and after the reboot,
    everything worked fine…

    |Great update mate!

  9. No problems here with N95-3 V 10.2.006

  10. Hi Graham!
    Do you think that in future will be possible to see a nokia 5500 version of your great app?!?
    I know it’s not that easy…but I keep hoping and waiting!

  11. Good job on version 1.5 I think i like it better with the clashes happening with a button push, rather than random. Could you make it so the volume keys produce a “clash” when pushed? Seems to me that would be the easiest way to subtly do it so they occur when I want them to. If not, then this is a FINE program and you should be praised for a good job.

  12. Hi, great app!

    Works perfectly on my N82-1, V 10.0.046

    Thank you!

  13. Great app… took a while to get it working. I had RotateMe running, also SmartLight. Stop those, turned vibration off, and bingo.. works a treat. You also need to have N95 Acceleromter sis file installed first it seems. By the way, my phone is the N95 8gb, debranded vodaphone running the v15.0.015 firmware.

  14. No sound in Lightsabre 1.5 on N95 8GB with new firmware 15.0.015. 1.4 version HAS sound…

  15. Installed on my debranded N95 with latest firmware. Settings will not save.

  16. What does Lightsabre do? Something like rotateme?

  17. the app works fine on the n95i 8gb.

  18. Graham you rule!
    May the Force be with you, always!

  19. unfortunately no sound on my N95 8GB with firmware 15.x

  20. Maybe that is nice to mention 😉

    after I installed the “Nokia Internet Services Support Package” from the sound was available.
    It seems that it fixed the sound problem for any reason.

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  22. I’m afraid I’m one more with a non-functioning piece of weaponry.

    Lightsabre v. 1.4 worked fine.

    N95-1 FW v. 20.x

  23. Doesn’t work on my n82. Application installs but won’t launch.

  24. nokia N95 with updated firmware installed with no sound. had to switch of vibration to have sound

  25. what can i say bloody brilliant

  26. when I install it, it keeps asking if I will allow application to read user data? does this contain spyware?

  27. Hi Raymund,

    I’ve seen this when I installed myself , there is absolutely no spyware. In fact the app itself has no capabilities defined itself so I’ve no idea why it requests read user data.

    Make sure you download from this site, it does not contain any spyware, but I can’t guarantee it won’t crash 😉


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  29. Works beautifully. Thanks! Too cool.

  30. hi graham, love the app! since my n95 (65.01) (v11.0.026 and lightsaber 1.3)lit up 2 friends at the bar a work at wanted to battle. im about to go to 1.5 but there is a feature i wanted to see that not here.

    how about CAMERA FLASH with the hit sound?

    that would be so cool!

  31. oh p.s. it took me a couple of days to find a way of contacting you, maybe put the url to this page in the ‘about’ part of the app.

  32. Is it possible to get the source code for porting this funny application to other platforms? I think the most interesting part is the evaluation of the accelerometer data…


  33. hi, im completely new to all of this and the lightsaber is not working, i have tried each from 1.1-1.5 and all the screen does is flickers brifly @ the top to the app. menu…any suggestions??

  34. Work on n82! Need off buttons sound!!

  35. thanks dude, u r the true jedi master

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  37. I can’t get sound on version 1.5 , or version 1.4

    Using N95-1 v 12.0.013

    I managed to get this one working ( and it replaced the version 1.5 install with version 0.01 (i think)

    Cool concept though, can’t wait till it’s fixed.

  38. Pointless but brilliant! I love it 🙂 Unfortunately version 1.5 doesn’t work on my n95 8GB with 15.0.15 firmware but version 1.4 does work. Sweet!

  39. I have an N95-8GB V20.0.016

    When i first installed it worked but no sound. Disabled vibration and now it works. Anyone know how to get the vibration back and have it work?

  40. The force is strong in this one.

  41. Works fine on my N82 V20.0.062

  42. evry working 100% more more thanks

  43. evry things working 100%

  44. This was the 1st app I installed on my N95 8GB, worked great. Installed a couple of other stuff python and a couple of apps for it and now sabre has no sound?
    I have removed all the apps and installed just sabre and the Accellerometer but still no sound?
    very odd, any ideas?

  45. Now working again???
    Something else must conflict somehow with it.

  46. Incredible! Works perfect with n95 8gb when I installed it to the phone’s own memory, not to the mass memory. I can save the settings if i go back to the saber after changing settings. Then i can close the light sabre and open it again and settings are saved! Sound and vibration vork perfect too!

  47. came home drunk,found this on net,f**king class!! well done, n95, settings wont save thou,but what about

  48. Bloody Awesome mate!! Can’t wait to show my mates this. I’m the only one with an N82. It works perfectly. Respect to you Graham.

  49. Hello,

    I have N95 8go Vodafone/Sfr vers 20.0.016, and i have the pb of sound… so i install the old version 1.4… test (…is ok !)… réinstall 1.5 and is good !… (but not vibror) … Thanks for this appli 😉 !

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  51. i have the light saber in my apps,but when i press it,it does nothing,and i have installed accelerometer,but it isnt showing up in apps?i have a n95 8gb…plz help!

  52. i just install the app in phone memory i see the icon in applications but doesn .t star….. what could i do???????

  53. doesnt work i see the icon in application but does t star

  54. 1.62 App doesn’t launch.

    If I try to launch via JBak Taskman (to try and get an error code) I get a “System error -1”

  55. “My Bad”

    BOTH accelerometer AND app needs to be installed to PHONE – not memory.

    Cheers – this is wicked!

  56. Ha! Ha!
    No I can swimg my phone around like a complete idiot! Many thanks!

  57. Ha! Ha!
    Now I can swing my phone around like a complete idiot! Many thanks!

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