Nokia 5500 (Sensor API) Beta

Beta version of Light Sabre 1.5 , should work on Nokia 5500 and devices that support the Sensor API (not N95).

THIS HAS NOT BEEN TESTED , as I don’t have a 5500 so feedback welcome.

Same details and features as 1.5

Download from:



22 Responses

  1. Great work Graham!! 🙂
    It works well!!!
    Only a few thing to suggest:
    1) maybe you should decrease the sensitivity because, when the vibration is on, the phone never stops playing tishes and vrumms (even with the sensitivity at 120)…when the vibration is off it works perfectly.
    I think that the accelerometer is very very sensitive and “feels” the vibrations and reacts as the phone was moved…don’t know if I’m clear enough…:)
    2) in order to stop the lightsaber you have to close the app since pressing the central keypad button does nothing.
    3) nokia 5500 doesn’t have any slider to open so maybe you can simplify the app by removing that feature.(maybe you just did it but the splash screen says that you can activate the lightsaber also by opening the slider)

    Apart from these small bugs the program works really really good!
    Thank you for your work from the nokia 5500 users!!I’m sure they will appreciate your effort!

  2. I ll try in on my 5500 once it comes from repair i spoilt it somehow lol anyways the n95 one rules i love it

  3. Great!!! THANK YOU!
    Can you make Nokmote, FlipSilent etc. compatible with 5500?
    Sorry for my bad english!

  4. Hello! I just found this very interesting app which I would love to try out. However, non of the phones i have, Nokia E90 and 6630, have an accelerometer.
    However, I remember playing a Series 60 game once where you could scroll around using the camera. The game tracked the cameras movement and adjusted the scrolling speed accordingly, so it was possible to scroll at different speeds. What I wonder is, could something similiar be added to this Lightsaber-program? If so, it would have support for all Series 60-phones with a camera.
    That would be very nice to see!

  5. hey Graham,
    great work!
    works on 5500. i’ve been waiting on this version
    thums up! i tried 1.3 as well but it didn’t install.
    can’t find much different between auto an random hit detection unless i swing realy wide in auto mode, speed of hit-sound is not optimum.
    the sabre colour flashes white-colour (the one selected) does it have to flash? can’t see what the key’s mean that way. volume works, vibration works.
    i love it!
    it was worth the wait. got to find someone to fight with now.

  6. forgot one thing. the logo does not show between the other apps.
    great work!

  7. It work but laggy… +(((( what i need do?

  8. it doesn´t work properly on my Nokia 5500
    It works full automatically (tishes & vrumms)without any movement.
    why doesnt work it on my phone?

  9. Where can I download the Sensor API to my 5500? I just have to download the latest firmware from Nokia website? Or I need to download it from another website? I have my phone with v03.18 firmware.

  10. Cool one but it’s a bit slow i will try updating my phone

  11. On my Nokia N95 8GB (latest firmware) there is no SOUND ?!?!


  12. I downloaded the latest firmware, and tried the app. But It also plays sound when i put down my phone… :S

    I Don’z know what is wrong? Maybe I should get the Sensor Plugin too? But I can’t register to Nokia’s website, and I found it only there. Help, plz!

  13. Hahaha this applications is awesome!


  14. Colour flashes between colour and white
    way to sensitive, anything other than least sensitive and it will never idle even when sitting on a desk.
    vibration doesn’t work and disables sound.

  15. ok, you have to install program to 5500 phone memory and not card memory to work fine.

  16. It works fine if don’t care about lags. Sound comes almost sec after move. I hope u can fix this prob man.

    Nice idea.

  17. It installs but doesn’t open on E66. I’ll keep waiting.

  18. I can’t open the isn’t!!!

  19. Unfortunately the link is broken and the other version I’ve found (v1.3) has an expired certificate and will not install.

    Does anyone have a proper link or the actual installation file to send?


  20. It was a nice post you wrote, dont stop updating your blog, that’s better.

  21. If only I had a dime for each time I came to… Incredible writing!

  22. If I had a quarter for every time I came to Superb post!

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