New Release V1.62

Light Sabre V1.62

New Features:

  • Two channel audio mixing. (Humm & Vrumm ™ )
  • Should be more stable.
  • Tweaked auto hit detection to be more sensitive.
  • minor bug fixes.
  • Vibration off by default

N95 series only (may work on N82 etc not tested)
Please ensure you have the N95 Acceleromter sis file installed
N95AccelerometerPlugin.sis (

Also ensure you install on phone memory and NOT on the memory card

Some people are having problems with installation and certificates. If you have a problem Go to

Applications -> App mgr – > Options -> Settings -> Software Installation :

Select ‘All’

Thanks for all the feedback!

Download here

If you enjoy Light Saber and feel like it please donate 🙂


41 Responses

  1. […] January 4, 2008 NEW VERSION HERE => NEW VERSION V1.62 […]

  2. I hope that a version for the nokia 5500 of this new release will be out soon! (if u have time to do it of course!).great Graham anyway!

  3. […] Oldfield has updated the S60 Lightsaber app to v1.62. This hails as the most popular post on Symbian-Guru, ever, along with my video demo of the […]

  4. […] Det geniale programmet Lightsabre har nå blitt oppdatert.Siste versjon er tilgjenglig her: […]

  5. […] Det geniale programmet Lightsabre har nå blitt oppdatert. Siste versjon er tilgjenglig her: […]

  6. to be honest.. i liked the 1.5 better since it had more sounds when you hit somethin…

    • DarrenYes this version would be great if you would only add more Hit sounds. please think about it for the next update? Thanks. Great job BTW.

  7. Excellent piece of software! Plus love the icon, where do I report bugs? The sensor on my N95 is the wrong way round! Good work.
    N95 V21 (01.01)

  8. It’s not working on a N95-4 Firm 20 pt-br
    The program does not open

  9. It works on my N82

  10. Hi Graham,

    forgot 2 thank 4 this version…
    I love it…

    i modded the icon myself in2 Darth vader…..


    If U can do…..
    Is it possible that sound can B louder and the light pulsating……?

    And at startup the sound of vader, ‘Use the force Luke’….

  11. is there any word on if this will work eventually on the n96??

  12. is there any word on if this will work eventually on the n96??

  13. Doesn’t seem to open on the N96 😦 Would quite like to try it out though!

  14. Adorei esta versão
    só o som podeira ser mais alto.

  15. Had the same problem (didn’t start-up). Installed on phonememory instead of extended memory and it worked………

  16. Its great man .. Thanks a lot.

  17. Hi, this looks really fun, but can you please explain why it requires access to reading user data? It won’t install if I don’t allow it, but I don’t see why I should allow that. Thanks!

  18. F.y.i: Upgraded firmaware on my N95 from v21 to v31 today and I experienced had to re-install both plugin and program.
    A few minutes to fix and then a super application to demo accelerometer use is up and running again :o)

    Thank you Graham!

  19. Exelente, gracias


  21. See the danger of this application on Angry Mum’s blog:

  22. helo!
    I´m like nokia n95

  23. […] versione (light Sabre 1.62) compatibile con S60 3rd edition FP1 (N95, N95 8GB, N82, 5500), si raccomanda l’installazione […]

    • espero que seja bom!

      • […] versione (light Sabre 1.62) compatibile con S60 3rd edition FP1 (N95, N95 8GB, N82, 5500), si raccomanda l’installazione […]

  24. d mais

  25. Hi. I really like this app! but in version 1.62 it would be perfect if you would only re-add the old sounds! why oh why did you take out those sounds! lol! I am asking for more hit/clashing sounds in the next update please.

  26. Hello!
    It doesnt work!
    Certificate is out of time.
    In App Settings is Software intall:all!

  27. Same problem with Alex. Certificate out of time?? Any updates?

  28. ok nvm, i googled the error and its just set the phone date to one near the release date of your app

  29. Trying to get this working on N95 8GB, and need a bit of help here…changed my phone’s date to get past the “expired certificate” crap, and now it’s giving me an “update error”. WTBF, yo?

    • Scratch that last, figured out what I was doing wrong >.<

      • DXIII … i got the same problem … what did you do to fix it ..

  30. otimo progam!

  31. pi

  32. gggg

  33. I don’t have nothing to say.

  34. just change the date of the cel phone to 20/08/2008

  35. […] The busiest day of the year was January 17th with 391 views. The most popular post that day was New Release V1.62. […]

  36. Works great with N95 8GB (N95-2).

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