Nokia N96 & Samsung i8510 Compatibility

Sorry It looks like both the N96 and Samung i8510 both have different versions of the accelerometer API, this means at the moment light sabre won’t work on either of these phones.

However a version for the i8510 is in the pipe line and I’ll post it when it’s working.

I don’t have access to an N96 but an accomplice may be able to help me we’ll see what happens…


11 Responses

  1. Hi, I’v just got an i8510 and would love to try anything written for it etc. anyone noticed the music player/accelerometer buggette, place phone on desk speaker side up, music stops…..

  2. Hi, I’v a Nokia N96 and, if you want, I can help you for testing

  3. hey, i have a n96 as well and i would be happy to test for you

  4. I own an N96 and would also test and want to help

  5. Hi, I think N96 and N85 would use the same API. but i got a N85. if you think of making it for N85. Let me know i can test it out for you. šŸ™‚

  6. any news on the n96 version??

  7. Well I like how you worded the title firsssst of all. your posting was quite interesting, but is that really how it is??
    Well Im sure that its really good so I hope nothing changes its really kool šŸ™‚

  8. I myself had the HTC 8925 and I mainly used it as a business feature on my daily routines. But, Nokia does make an exceptional phone without a doubt

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