Light Sabre 5th Edition (v0.1)

New release to support Nokia 5800 and 5th edition touch phones (upcoming N97 ect),

Reported working on:

  • N96
  • N85
  • n79,
  • 6210N

There are reports from symbian freak that sabre only works on v20 + firmware on the 5800 so an update may be needed.
Touch to turn on / off sabre

    1. IMPORTANT install to internal memory ( C:/) drive (known defect)

    2. For best results turn off auto screen rotation in phone settings (otherwise you’ll get lag in the sound when the screen changes)

    If you enjoy Light Saber and feel like it please donate :

    Download here:


    Comments and bug reports welcome please post.


    37 Responses

    1. Auto rotate made this app feel weird..
      Should Disable Auto Rotate in future..
      Other than that it just awesome..

    2. Not working on 20 firmware…

    3. Application does not launch on my 5800XM. FW: v11. Followed both instructions properly

    4. Make sure you install to internal memory C: or the application won’t start. Sorry need to sort out this defect.

    5. Looks promising. The programs seems to work on N85 too, even though the installation process says the program is not compatible with the phone.

      Keep up the good work!

    6. doesnt run on my e66… kern-exec 3 message 😦

    7. Hello Graho,

      So now LightSabre actually supports FW sensor and doesn’t require plugin from Nokia? Maybe we can expect version for s60v3 with FW sensors like:
      – 6210 Navigator
      – N79
      – N85
      – N96
      – E66
      – N97

    8. runs great on my n85.

    9. imperia, this works on the S60v3 phones with FW, such as N96.

    10. Works mighty fine on my 5800 v20, no problems here… Thumbs up man for translating the coolest weapon ever over to the Tube.

      I was wondering if you can use some sort of API hookup to tell S60 NOT to switch screen orientation (OR to turn off the sensors temporarily). That would make drawing me lightsabre easier (I now have to go through the settings to turn sensors off first, really not cool)…

      Otherwise, great work man!

    11. Working great on my 5800 v20.
      Thx for releasing it for this phone.

      One little suggestion to improve this funny app.
      Plz make the flickering in different tones of the same colour and not switching between chosen sabre colour and white.

      I think it would look much better like this.

    12. thanks, i will try it now.

    13. Cool App. With some music and with Darth Vader breathing it would be even better.

    14. It is not running on 5800 V.11 firmware. Confirmed by many users. Will the V.11 be supported?

    15. hey thanks, nice app (tested this long time ago already with some nontouch S60 3.x phones:)

      here is a video of it in N97

      Bug/BadFeature: SK2 (exit) is wrong in settings, it exits the whole app. maybe you should change it so it just exits settings 😉

    16. This application does not run on my nokia 5800. In fact some of the Sis files does not work.When i try to install it shows either application format not compatible or expired certificate

    17. hi does not work on uk v11. will a version be released for this? have previously used on n95 and it was great.

    18. Sweet, it works. ;-p

    19. Sweet, it works :-p

    20. Could you help me please,

      i got an Nokia E66 but the Programm didnt work!?!?

      what could be the problem?


      lg tim

    21. i tried each version, but i coudnt start the programm install works only using is not posible…

    22. I think you should make a newversion that works on all 5800 xpressmsic phones

    23. Same problem as many people on my Nokia 5800. Install the app to phone memory but nothing happens when you run it.

      This is with version 11.0.009 software on the handset which the Nokia software updater and Nokia’s website say is the latest version for this phone.

    24. peter, its not the latest version, is…

    25. having 5800-2.0 firmw. but still not working.. certificate problem :S tried hard reset and without the SD. anyone suggestions?


    26. v20 is onlt available for certain operators with the 5800, its not available for example on o2 in the UK yet

      v11 support would be awesome

    27. can’t even install it with v20 😦 ‘certificate expired’

    28. little correction.. it actually works now, don’t know why, one day i managed to install and run it without any problems.
      thanks a lot 🙂

    29. auto rotate been turned off but still cant work.

    30. works on my N85, but like ‘Phil’ says. It shouldn’t change between the color you choose and white…

    31. Will not work on my 5800XM with software up to date as of July 2010. I get “expired certificate” and changing the date doesn’t help. Help! I WANT this app bad 🙂

    32. I’m in the U.S. by the way if that makes a difference…

    33. Me too. I have a Nokia 5530 XM with the latest software update (V30).

    34. thank you very much! I have searched all the time and no version worked for me, but THIS one is the first version that work really on my 6210 navigator! Thanks man!

    35. It works on N86 8MP!

    36. […] Light Sabre 5th Edition (v0.1) March 200934 comments 4 […]

    37. For those getting expired certificate errors just change the date on your phone to late 2009 or early 2010.

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