Light sabre (what is it)

Sorry various people are complaining they want to know what this app does.

Well it’s erm a light sabre toy app that when you move you’re phone it goes whummm whummm and when you swing harder it’ll make a hit a hitting noise.



9 Responses

  1. works great on my n85!
    thank you!

  2. will it work on e66?

  3. good

  4. Works like a treat on the N96! Cheers!

  5. It works on E66 with ReadDeviceData cap, but the sound is very laggy 😦

  6. what is ReadDeviceData cap? Where can i find it and how to install? Sorry for my questions but please help…

    • It’s a platform security capability , there was a bug in ligthsabre 1.62 and below in the mmp file that requested that permission it doesn’t actually need it and has been fixed in later versions.

      Just ignore it 🙂

  7. I dont really know how to ignore that. I just used MoreCaps app to ‘hack’ the LightSabre. But is there any solution to the sound lag in E66? I turned off screen rotation, but it didnt help.

  8. it sounds like a great app but on my n95 it dosent open up after installtion please help thanks

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