LightSabre 5th edition V0.2

Very small update to stop automatic screen rotation

please read the v0.1 post if you have any problems



24 Responses

  1. let’s saber their externealties off

  2. hi i just got my 5800, downloaded th lightsabre 0.2 and when i tried to install it…It says “Expired Certificate”…what does that mean??

    • do you have find the problem, i have the same problem i can’t install this appli.

    • Same problem. The Cert is expired.

  3. it doesnt work on my nokia 5800???

  4. Thanks for hosting this on a site that CAN’T be used with Nokia’s browser. 😦

    Looks like a fun program, too bad I can’t try it. 😦

  5. 1. download it with a PC and then upload it to the phone
    2. you have to turn off the option “install only signed software”
    3. install it on C:\

    -> it works xD

    • No, it’s not that simple. Always says “Expired Certificate”.

  6. it doesnt work on my nokia 5800
    firmware V
    my operator Orange France

  7. Can´t download directly to Nokia browser… Host it in other place please…

  8. Hi! This looks fun.. But I can’t install on my Nokia N95. It says the program isn’t compatible, but still lets me install it. I install it, but when I try to start it, nothing happens. Any tips?:)

    • I have the same problem, did you solved it, if you did tell me how please 😀 ?!

  9. Hey guys,

    If you can’t access it via nokia browser do what I just did. I downloaded it to my comp at work, and I dont have my usb cable for my phone here, so I just uploaded it to my gmail and downloaded it via my phone thru gmail basic html. Only problem…this doesn’t work for the Nokia N86 😦

  10. Hi, really nice app! Now I can battle my friends with ther “it’s-so-cool”-iPhone 😀

    Runs perfectly on my Nokia 5530. Even downloaded it with the Nokia Browser.

    Great app!

  11. funciona perfecto en my n97

  12. hi! very good program! I like it, but the screen flicker is not very good .. probably should do this programm like the original lightsabre on IPhone?

  13. Not working on N86 8MP =(

    It said “program isn’t compatible” but installed anyway and also nothing happen’ when Opening.

    I’ll wait a litle more.

  14. just want to say that it works nicely w/ N86 v.11.043. Thanks much !!

  15. Hi Graham,

    loved this one back in the days and was hoping you also make it for the N900

  16. The new version do not work in 5800. Sad.

  17. me dice que “certificado caduco” y no termina la instalacion.. que puedo hacer?

  18. Awwww…no luck on the E71.

  19. Hey!, nice software. It work’s great on N86 8MP (S60 3rd) =)

  20. Doesn’t work on my N97, “Expired Certificate” also have the “install everything” option… what can I do?

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