LightSabre 5th Edition V1.0

Finally out of beta v1.0 is out:

  • Certificates fixed
  • Can install to ANY drive that right any drive technology choose C , D , E up to you!
  • Small fix to animate sabre on first start

DownLoad V1 here


14 Responses

  1. I downloaded this lightsabre v1.0 and it came up as a text file. Wtf??

    • I was facing similar issue as well – when downloaded sis-package weighted 130kb instead of 560 and was stubbornly oppened in web-browser showing me an original mediafire site.
      As appears i was getting wrong file via Opera-mobile and it succeeded from embedded Nokia browser

  2. Hi there, i’ve tried all versions of lightsabre but any could’t work. Every time it makes a msg which shows expired certificate, i’ve tried changing date as well, but nothing happened. Will there be some new version, because i have Nokia C6-00, that could be a problem…well, waiting for your response. Thanks a lot.

  3. Nice work ! 🙂

  4. Tested and Fully Working on Nokia N8, Cheers! Top App.

  5. I tried the previous versions, and were all both working on my N97 Mini. This version is fully working on any drive, expept about the saving of the settings: I still have to go to “Lightsabre” to save them.
    Good Work! Very nice app, i’m considering to donate something.

  6. nice app. Works reall well and the sound effects are awesome. To me, it would be better if the ”swishing” sound effects are triggered by regular motion/swinging and the ”hit” effects triggered by a harder ”swing” of the lightsaber.

  7. hmm. i downloaded the v1.0 from here but after installation, when i pressed, about, it says there v0.2

    so is this v1.0 or is v0.2 re-released as v1.0?

    this app is confirmed working on Sony Ericsson phones with Nokia S60v5 OS btw. SE Vivaz, Vivaz Pro.

  8. Doesn’t run on E66 😦 Starts but nothing shows up and then silently quits.

  9. […] LightSabre 5th Edition V1.0 September 20105 comments […]

  10. Hey, it is in Python? Can you manage to do a quick version to Maemo/N900? Like, create a .deb file? Thanks 😀

  11. Somehow works with E66(hacked) if added “readdevicedata” cap with Morecaps program.

    1. Install morecap
    2. File->open
    3. lightsabre_0xef9bcd9a.exe
    4. mark ReadDeviceData with “#” key
    5. save
    6. correct hash

    But still the sound is skipping and very slow even when doing nothing.

  12. I tried every version with my N95 8GB (N95-2).
    I can install every version but it can work v1.62 and no further. doesn’t work with new 5th edition.

    Do you have a plan to create a new updated version for N95s in future?

  13. Good app work well also in symbian Belle and in symbian^3/Anna

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