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  1. Hey man!

    TIP: Put a note explaining that if you experience no sound you must either turn vibration off within Lighsaber-app.

    Or… turn vibration on in the N95-settings.

    I thought the app didn’t work until I discovered this.

    Other than that, great software! =)


  2. Hi well i would like to say you have a great site and liking the light sabre could you make an animation of some kind with sound of knight rider with the red led for the n95 i think that would be great hope you can please thank you.

  3. I am just wondering what else I should see from this application except flashing screen… I just don’t know how to play this… 🙂

  4. Hello, Lightsabre 1.5 dont works on N82 i tested for u. No sound and after quit Optiones the Program quits.

    Bye Sebsen

  5. Hi.
    I have a Nokia N93i and the Lightsabre Version 1.4 works fine for me. But In version 1.5 Appears the Error -21 vor me and the Sabre Opens, BUT without any Sound.
    Can u fix it please??

    Greetz from Berlin (Germany)

  6. Hey great site man!
    Keep up the good work and start moving on to other themes n95 and other compatible users can use 🙂

  7. Graham, you’ve REALLY, REALLY made my day by giving us these killer apps for N95. Funny, clever, absolutely superb. A must-have if I’ve ever seen one.

  8. 🙂

  9. Brilliant…and great fun, even for an old phart like me 🙂

  10. Graham, great sw (my brother has it in his N95), but… any chance you have a version for a Palm Treo 755??

  11. Hiya,

    Great App!!

    Here’s another idea , I saw someone today pretend to clip someones hair using a mobile playing the sound of a clipper. Maybe you could add vibrate and motion detection for the N95. Just a fun idea.


  12. Hi Graham,

    I have a N82 (RM-313 V30.0.019) and it works like a charm.
    Yesterday I had a big fight with a dark i-phone… nice match! 😀

    Maybe through the front/back camera is possible to extend the fun also to other no-accelerometer phones…?

    Anyway thank you very much for your great app


  13. Hi
    i have one nokia n96 i have created any versione for this phone ?

    bye Ivan

  14. Hi,
    Love the project your working on, do u think there will be a version out for the e6 ??

  15. woops i mean e66** ^^”

  16. Hi,

    great app, seen it many times, but is it going to be available for S60 v5 or more specificly for Nokia 5800? 🙂

  17. I still hope u repack the latest version 2 run on E:

    I want 2 keep my C: memory as clean as possible….

    I have tried 2 modify the disc before repack, but no luck there….

    Could u do me the favour Graham?

  18. Yeah i was wondering the same thing that “wrcboy” did. Can u make it work in nokia 5800xm/s60v5?

  19. Can you make it work on 5800, please 🙂

  20. http://www.ipmart-forum.com/showthread.php?t=342714

    I can’t seem to get this version to work on my 5800. Tried installing on memory stick and phone memory with both original and devcert and still couldn’t get it to start up.

    This is a really great idea and I hope to be able to play with it someday 😀

  21. I don’t know if you even read these, but if you do, I have some ideas for your software’s further updates. Since I’m not a coder, I don’t know if these ideas are possible to implement, but anyway:

    1. You could add more (one or two maybe) sounds to the saber when moving the phone. Eg when swinging the saber to the left/right, or when moving the saber a bit faster, there could be a slightly different “wroom”-sound. This _could_ sound cool when making a flurry with the phone-saber for example.

    2. You could add different sounds for different colours of lightsabers when setting the saber on/off. Eg for the green saber you could add the sound here (shown in the video in time 03:41):

    Sabers with different colors have different on/off sounds, both in films and games.

    3. You could add a small button on the screen for the 5th edition version. Then also the 5th edition version would have the possibility to make the contact-sound of lightsabers, which is already possible with keyboard-based phones by pressing number keys.

    The software is quite good and funny at the moment, those are just my ideas to make it better, test them only if you find them interesting 😛

  22. Tnokia 5800 ver. lightsaber is so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  23. Hi man
    Why dont u upgrading your light saber?
    i need more realitic sound lightsaber

  24. Hey!
    I really love your simple LightSabre-App 🙂
    But after a Hard-Reset I’m not able to open it.
    Just standing on the Applications-Menu.
    I got N85..
    Could you tell me how to fix that? I already re-installed the app, even with Motion-Plugin.
    Maybe I should manually delete some files but I don’t know, where to find the LightSabre-folder.. 😦

  25. Very useful indeed i’ve use Light Sabre V1.4 because this great information from this nice website….thank you and keep it up for more hi tech information again… 🙂

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