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Nokia N96 & Samsung i8510 Compatibility
October 31, 2008

Sorry It looks like both the N96 and Samung i8510 both have different versions of the accelerometer API, this means at the moment light sabre won’t work on either of these phones.

However a version for the i8510 is in the pipe line and I’ll post it when it’s working.

I don’t have access to an N96 but an accomplice may be able to help me we’ll see what happens…


Firware upgrade N95 V21
March 28, 2008

After you have upgraded your firmware and restored your phone you will need to:

o Uninstall Light Saber

o Uninstall Accelerometer (if there)

o Reinstall Accelerometer

o Reinstall Light Saber

o Re-start phone for good luck.
I’ve No idea why the restore after upgrade doesn’t work I suspect if doesn’t restore the Accelerometer DLL that light saber relies on.
For other problems please check out the FAQ.

FAQ: Problems
January 3, 2008

Q: Some people are having problems with installation and certificates. If you have a problem

A: Go to

Applications -> App mgr – > Options -> Settings -> Software Installation :

Select ‘All’

Q: Application Won’t start:

A: Check the following:

Q: V1.5 doesn’t have any sound

A: Make sure vibrate is enabled in your current profile or turn off vibration in the settings page in light sabre.

Q: V1.5 Light sabre isn’t sensitive enough

A: The labels in the sensitivity preference are confusing min is the most sensitive and max is the least. durrr.

Q: V1.5 My settings aren’t saved

A: After you have chosen your preferences , select light sabre from the menu the settings are now saved.